If you can’t tell what I’ve been doing during my time of unemployment, it’s pretty clear to see. I’ve been watching ANIME! hahaha…but there’s so much anime you can watch till the next episodes come out. I’ll be more proactive Monday.

Back to ONE PIECE!! the latest episode was great so great I couldn’t believe that it was a full 25min episode seemed like 15mins. 

Zorro’s battle with Hordy and Luffy reunited with Chopper and Sanji oh and the octopus guy too. 

The whole Sanji meeting the mermaid princess was price-less the bleeding nose, she had more of a Hancock effect hahaha. 

Luffy’s encounter with Vander Decken looked to be a short one lol damn Luffy’s gotten crazy strong!

Let’s not forget Zorro’s battle hordy WOW! way to end the episode.

Looks like everything is leading to the sea forest

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