Binbougami ga!

Ahh an Anime of Random doo doo, ok maybe not so random but the randomness that happens in this is pretty hilarious I mean a few chuckles. Here’s the story Coconut version: Girl has lots of Fortune and has looks money and envy plus being popular AWESOME! Well not so awesome for the Gods though. Girl with fortune creates imbalance, so bring in the PAIN!!!! The god of misfortune!!! Her job well it’s pretty obvious so if you don’t get it from the above description, your Stup,….um…slow! Even if you don’t get the whole story not missing out that much the randomess on it’s own is good enough. 2 :) :) 



This one is good for passing the time not the greatest but good enough to be a filler. Hmmm…how to describe this without any spoilers….ok i got it. Crazy loud yelling slave kid who’s not so smart sets his goals to being a general! Trains hard stuff happens goes into so battles trying to be a MILLIONAIRE!! Well pretty much since i guess generals make made money in that time right? Check it out if you like romance and 3 kingdom stuff.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Your typical Basketball junkie anime except with a twist one of the main character is weak. But has one crazy talent…Want to know? Go watch it hahaha you’ll be hooked once you start watching but it’s the type that you won’t be at the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode.


This is the one right here!!!! this is my fav for this season and man i just can’t wait till the next one!! Think .hack but not so slow, characters are awesome it’s quick paced and the story is very intriguing. Picture yourself playing your fav RPG and finding that you can’t get out and the only way is to beat the game, don’t want to say anymore I’ll spoil it. if you like RPG, survival films, online gaming, sci-fi, FF7 sword fights you’ll love this…No guarantees though lol. WATCH IT!

 So good that it’s worth bolding!

Okokok hears a lil easter egg.

Asa Made Jugyou Chu!

Strictly fanservice anime or should I say MANservice eheheheheh. 

Fun,kinnky,naughty,funny,good times just like you (or that’s how i think i am kekeke)

Ecchi anime that border lines hentai. Story is good enough to actually wait to watch it subbed.So instead of watching 2 mins of bang bang all in your face you can get a good 25 mins of good viewing and not feel so dirty. hahaha.


Geek uses Google Doodle to mark the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the guy who invented the Moog synthesizer


"Mom’s are Amazing. Today’s just an alarm clock reminding us something we already know."

- The Coconut Boy.
Is this the next Supra?

Is this the next Supra?


"Amazing how you start working you have less time to do things that you enjoy."

- The coconut boy
First 24K gold Sneakers! DAMN!!!! Tacky has no price tag. This goes up on the Tacky board with the gold plated Bugatti. Limited to only 5 world wide!! Be the first to get it and then robbed!

First 24K gold Sneakers! DAMN!!!! Tacky has no price tag. This goes up on the Tacky board with the gold plated Bugatti. Limited to only 5 world wide!! Be the first to get it and then robbed!


Yes yes son! Carlton Banks finally got a song to the dance! haahaha lol. Soulja boy watch out!


Ok this is my list of Anime I’m looking forward to watching!!

Sket dance- Ok so the new season so far has been entertaining and I haven’t yet been disappointed perfect since Gintama has stopped airing. Random problems solved by odd jobbers.

Sankarea- I love zombies and anime and when you put them together only awesomeness is left; which is why I enjoy this anime. the main character has the craziest fetish and the female lead has some serious issues that make this anime more than just zombies.

Tsuritama - This one is weird and what’s even weirder is that I”m actually drawn to it, is it the alien character or the fact that they’re associating fishing and aliens together. I enjoy the art and the characters story is interesting enough.

Kore wa Zobie Desu Ka? - Another season and still funny it’s what you expect from this anime if you follow it. Watch the first season and you’ll understand.

Lupin the Third - I never watched are followed the other lupin and I just picked this up and I have to say it is really entertaining, love the art and love the stories that come up. each episode is always something new and the characters that they introduce are so freaking cool!! plus the nudity fan service adds big bonuses!!

Jormungand - Action Action Action Terrorist Terrorist Terrorist Guns Guns Guns. Yeah it has all of that plus some very crazy characters not too over the top insane though. I got to say it’s entertaining.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia - Ghost with Amnesia yes it’s that cool. hahaaha ok the art is good the characters are good the story is good it’s just that good. ahahahah

Zetman - Pure Awesomenessness!!! soo good i had to add an extre ness to ness!!! why? because it has all that classic 90’s anime film feel it was like watching ninja scroll or guyver the art was so hard and dark, man I love that dark feel to it. Cool story mutant boy with super powers in the real world now is being searched by the organization that created him; wait kind of reminds me of ninja turtles a bit. hahahaha…that’s probably why it’s so awesome!

Area no Kishi - Soccor anime that has the same feel of major the anime, I like these animes so if you like sports anime with developing characters based on their skills + the underdog story you’ll like this.

Kuroko no Basket - Yeah Basketball!!! Is Back!!! good anime kind of a new twist by adding a weak character (sort of) still sports ANIME!!! nice.

Toriko - Food anime hunting it’s a fairy tale world about food and I’ve actually became hooked on it. There is something about it that draws me in…must be the food.

Folktales from Japan - these are short japanese folktales great stories remind me of rocky and bullwinkle folktales when that add the moral of the story at the end. Great little anime cutely drawn and really amusing stories.

Phi Brian - Ok so it’s the 2nd season and it’s getting very interesting so far enjoying. It has this Yugio appeal to it but more entertaining and smart. 

I’m probably missing out on some other animes but these are the ones I can remember being good take a look at them yourself and you be the judge. 

Oh I didn’t mention animes like Naruto/One piece/Fairy tale I don’t mention them because these ones are the my top listed eventhough they’re currently only showing fillers.


The fillers Anime that is good enough to pass the time till the good ones come out!

Nazo no Kanojo - Well this one is a lil messed up and probably the only reason why I still watch it as a filler….that and the echii panty shots hahahaha….it’s creative in a way of telling a love story; which is cool, the female lead is the most interesting; since the character isn’t your typical anime sterotype she’s mysterious and weird almost emo like; which is cool, the male lead on the other hand typical but he works well. The weird part is the sharing of drool I get that it’s got that echii/hentai feel but personally i’m gettin a lil gross out with it. In the end has enough to keep me coming back to it.

Ozuma - Great filler played like a full length movie, animation was like that of 80’s anime great stylization. story was that of an 80’s sci-fi anime cool yet may put some off because of the retro feel. The whole thing was very retro which I liked but if one of my top listed anime was on the same time I would put it to the side, luckily it was a short series so it finished up pretty quick

Bodacious space pirate - I gotta say this one is boarder line wouldn’t watch as filler their isn’t enough to keep me hooked there wasn’t enough sci-fi creativity to keep me hook and not enough character development also…..atleast put some fan service to bring me back. It started decent girl becoming pirate then she’s the captain mission start to find a legendary ship then after that it was bran flack cereal weak taste less. I’m only watching in hopes something happens.

Accel World - This one is in and out, it draws me in with some uniqueness then pushes me back out when it loses that uniqueness and starts to follow the card dueling anime. But it’s in and out with that. Characters are cool so interesting relation with the characters; which is probably the main reason why i’m still watching plus the fact the ep.3 explains a little more into the accel world.

Shinning hearts - ahhh….it’s no Yakitate! Japan that’s for sure. Yes this anime is about baking, mainly baking bread. Honestly I have no idea what’s going on the last episode i actually fast forward so not too promising. It’s like a perfect happy world where everyone is smiling. It’s warm to watch but a little plain.

Yurumates 3D - another 3 min anime and ahhhh…..hmmm…..really if you have 3 mins to spare your not going to gain or lose anything with it think of it like a commercial it’s there and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

Upotte - Girls and guns cool but really too soon for me to say anything I just started watching so no clue on this one. I’m going to keep my eye on this one.

Recorder and Randsell - This is another one of those 3min anime but this one I gotta say I like an elementary school boy that looks like an adult and a sister that looks like an elementary student; although it’s draw very kiddy and cute they surprise you with some unexpected jokes. This is a good filler eventhough it’s 3 mins

Sengoku collection - Parallel universe girl from other universe comes to another world and now is trying to get back by collection sacred objects from other characters from the same world. That’s a very straight forward explanation but it’s got some interesting content to help me pass the time.

Acchi Kocchi - Funny and cute enjoyable nothing too much and nothing too bland, this is what I call the “three bear quality” it’s just right. It’s good for laugh.

Eureka Seven Ao- hmmm it’s ok animation is good it’s a mecha story but it seems too generic nothing like “Full Metal Panic” but again it’s enough to get me by till the good ones come.

Saint Seiya Omega - This is ok and that’s all it is don’t compare it to the other Saint Seiya take it as a separate thing or you’ll be disappointed.

So this is pretty much what I’m watching to fill my time till the more exciting ones come out.


Ok so it’s been a couple of weeks into the new season for animes and this is what I think so far lets start with the not so good. Note this is just my opinion so you may find my taste might not to your liking.

The not so good ones (wouldn’t even watch as fillers)

Natsuiro Kiseki! - Ok I wouldn’t watch this only because it doesn’t meet my taste it’s too much of a girly anime, it’s cute and imaginative but too frilly and flowery feeling for me. It’s perfect if your a 10 year old girl but not a 28 year old man….that’s just creepy.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki- Seems like there’s a lot of these short story anime that last only 3 to 7mins and this is one of them. One main reason why I couldn’t watch this is that it’s too damn short less 3 mins; which felt like i’m watching a comercial or a trailer. Cute animation has some funny bits and the character is a cat great for merchandising. Not for me though I’m a grown ass man to be watching this….yet I still watch cartoons.

Polar Bear Cafe- So this was an interesting one it’s pretty much on the same genere as the last two and I do watch it has it’s moments but I couldn’t relate to the fact their animals, I could see kids loving this but I can’t get my head around it. It’s funny at times but I just couldn’t get it animals in a cafe selling food and coffee.

These are I few that I don’t prefer. But if you like cute you might like it.